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I am Irina. I came from San Francisco. I am 68 years old. I am here for the fifth day already. This is a wonderful place where I met good people. Careful and attentive, who together with me carry out the program of purification. As a result, I weighed, before coming here, 290 pound, and now I'm weighing 280 pound. I arrived in serious condition. I went bad, I did not move well. As a result, I now, I can even say, I run. We go up into the mountains and there is a wonderful ponarama. Overcoming ourselves, we defeat our laziness, our not the desire to play sports. Here we receive a tremendous pleasure under the guidance of Victor, who has become to us not only a leader, but also a friend. We go to the training hall, train there on the tripods, we take baths of local hot, mineral springs, which have a beneficial effect on the body and also contribute to weight loss and cleansing.
As a result of the Aloe Vera program, we lost weight. We also go for a massage. Victor is a wonderful masseur, he massages problematic places, which gradually disappear.

A very interesting procedure is a mud wrap, where you sweat and lose a lot of kilograms. This is a wonderful place, here lives Paul - the owner of this curve of a very interesting place, you can say edema. He has waterfalls, magnificent sculptures, minerals, very beautiful flowers. Everything is very good and I am very glad that I got to Victor's company and I hope that I will come here again, because I liked the attitude of the owner of this villa and the attitude of our leader, mentor Victor.

To all those who are going to and decide to lose weight, cleanse themselves, get a health boost - come here and you will not regret it.

Irina, San Francisco

My name is Oleg Oliferuk.
I'm dentis, I have my own dental office on Folsome, I've been working for more than 15 years.
The work is related to the stresses on the back and hands. Constantly it takes some kind of help to the body to relieve tension from the muscles that accumulate day after day, rest and recover. Muscles get tired and require a good massage. But the usual massage that can be obtained in massage parlors is not very effective in such cases, some kind of complex approach is required. I was looking for a lot of ways how to do it and one day my friends advised the company of Akamed Viktor Fedotenko, as they visited their sanatorium. What Aquaid offers is a good alternative to the standard rest that we usually do. Here when we arrived were pleasantly surprised that the sanatorium is located in a forest national park in the Lake Tahoe region and in such a place the maximum number of procedures is concentrated. Here, and underwater massage, which relaxes muscles, herbs calm the nervous system and prepare the body for manual massage which already puts everything in its place, and this is a very good combination. Mud wraps and mud baths that help with tired joints due to accumulating loads. This is all very quickly removed and the body calms down. Not to mention the surrounding nature, walks along the forest trails in the fresh air, easy diet, proper nutrition. This is what, in principle, people need to recover in a short time. These 3-4 days that you spend here practically restore your health. This does not go to any comparison with other conventional massages that are done in the city. After that you go and you can do your routine work, but you are ready and restored for such work. At our fast pace of life, which we are conducting, our time is flying fast, we are always busy, overloaded, I would recommend taking this 3 day course of the "Day off". And in this short period you can have a good rest, get cheerful and strong for the next week.
So I wish you good luck and try such a rest, I'm sure that you will not regret ...

Oleg Oliferuk,

Меня зовут Люба. Я приехала из Пенсильвании.  У нас было очень холодно и у меня воспалились руки и ноги.  Воспалился артрит и я приехала на озеро во Флориду. Мне подруга позвонила уже в последний день, можно сказать., и рассказала, что там есть санаторно-курортное лечение. Лечат нетрадиционной, применяют , то есть, нетрадиционные методы: это подводный массаж, это грязи, это грязи из Мертвого моря, это разные массажи, которые подбирают кому какие нужно, кому что подходит. И я вот сегодня 8 день уже, и я чувствую себя очень хорошо. Потому что, когда я приехала, у меня была скованность по руках и ногах. Но сейчас я двигаюсь,я  могу быстро ходить. Мне хочется бегать. Я чувствую себя очень хорошо. Мне очень помогло, потому что здесь сначала очищение организма мы проходили. И вот это комплексное лечение, эти ванны все, эти массажи, правильное питание, поездка на озеро, поездка на океан - это все вместе очень помогает. И я советую всем попробовать это лечение, потому что оно действительно помогает. Спасибо вам!


Lyubov, Pensilvania

My name is Nadezhda, I came to AquaMed resorts from San Francisco.
I would like to share my story. About two months ago, I felt very tired, but not only physical but also mentally, I had strained knee pain. I found the ad in the newspaper, searched the website and saw that there were ideal conditions to improve my health (the best mineral water, fresh air,massages, mud) and I decided to go for eight days and take a cleansing program for my whole body.
I was struck by the beauty and aesthetics of the resort. There is a stone garden that boosts your energy as well as many connections-crystal Quartz crystals, Metista and other stones. You can take a basic program, which includes salt, herbal and mud baths and massage combined with the gym and hiking in the mountains. A program is selected for each client individually, depending on your medical condition. You can order additional procedures, such as lymphatic drainage massage, cold laser treatments, color therapy, the very popular oxygen pressure chamber,magnetic therapy, which restores the magnetic field. But most importantly, you can test the major organs and systems of your body with the help of unique devices.
Hiking in the mountains, where you breathe the mountain air, which is filled with ions, is especially pleasant. We were divided into two groups. One, more prepared, went to the mountains with the assistant and the other, weaker group, was under a doctor's supervision.
After each walk you do not feel tired, because in the group there is a great atmosphere as well as massages and baths. Thanks to a rich program of exercise food was the last thing on our minds.
On the third day, I forgot about the pain in the knees, as well as the constant crushing fatigue.
Upon request, we were offered trips to interesting places in the region.
For eight days, I regained my health, took off extra weight, the skin from weight loss is not stretched and is in fact tightened, I felt confident and happy, and experienced so much that it will last a lifetime.
It is sad to leave, but hope is not yet time to visit this beautiful place and receive unique treatments from AquaMed
Ready to share my experiences

Nadia, San Francisco

As a health and wellness professional, I had been looking for European spa and massage treatments in our country. Then I heard about this kind of treatments been done in Desert Hot Springs by AquaMed. I decided to go and check it out, first of all for myself and then for my clients. I always make sure it’s true before I recommend it to my clients.
I came to Hyundae Resort and Spa with my entire family, my husband and our children. We traveled from Oregon to Desert Hot Springs and it was well worth it.
We had experienced the most wonderful time at Hyundae Resort and Spa.
During our stay I was able to try the amazing European spa and massage treatments of AquaMed. They offer wide variety of treatments of Massage Therapy including Underwater Massage in spring mineral water, Mud Treatments, Ozokerite & Paraffin Wax Therapy, Salt and Herbal Baths.
To have it all in one place and professionally done, is something I was looking for. I also enjoyed the morning water aerobics done in the swimming pool by AquaMed.
The hotel is very nice and clean, the rooms are spacious and the staff is attentive and welcoming.
The Resort is really quiet and clean. Man-made waterfalls make the place soothing.
Our room was very nice, fairly big with lots of storage for clothing. The rooms are clean and the beds are good and well made.
There is a beautiful pool area with heated pool, different temperatures in the pools and hot tubs. There are lots of chairs in the pool area. I really liked the shelter from the sun over the big pool, a cover over a swimming pool, which is put into place to prevent sunburn for the swimmers. Coffee and tea were available in the lobby.
The cons are that there was no hair dryer in a room.
We enjoyed our stay and rest in Hyundae Resort and Spa. I would recommend this Resort to everyone.
We will definitely be back and I would recommend it to my clients.

Lyudmila, Portland

A word from our patients


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I was involved in a rear-end collision and experienced extreme whiplash and other symptoms related to the accident. My symptoms included headaches, neck strain and stiffness, back pain, and dizziness. I knew that I needed medical attention and turned to the AquaMed Center.

Alla, Rancho Cordova, CA

As a professional at health and wellness, I was looking for European spa and massage treatments in our country. Then I heard about this kind of treatments which had being done in Dessert Hot Springs by AquaMed. I decided to go and check it myself, first of all for myself and then for my clients.

Lyudmila, Portland, OR

My name is Tamara and I came from Seattle. Last year, my daughter was resting, and she invited me, and I came. I am very happy that I came and I'm going to come back.


My name is Eugene and I came here for the first time. When I came here, a sore knee, I was limping. Victor cured and no longer limp. I like it here and I am ready to come here every time. Just like all the procedures, and I recommend to anyone who has a problem, who suffer from various diseases, to come here and cure Victor All!



AquaMed - tries to use an individual approach to each guest. We create the necessary procedures and treatment. The mountain air, mineral water, fitness and much more will make your body healthier

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  • We treat back pain, headaches, and arthritis, traumas after car accidents by using different procedures such as hydro therapy, mud therapy, and massage.

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