Injuries I received from a car accident many years ago did not give me rest. No physical therapy could help me. But then, on the recommendation of a friend, and after reading the advertisement in the Russian newspaper, I decided to go for treatment to AquaMed,in the city of Desert Hot Springs. I went with hope and it paid off. Previously, I was hunched, with sharp pains in my hip, even getting in the car was a struggle for mel. He offered a lot of complex treatments: massages, mud wraps, mineral water baths,underwater massages, exercises in the pool with mineral water, therapeutic cocktails,both in the morning and evening. Practically on the second day, my backache and hip ache disappeared. Surprisingly, in just eight days, all the pain disappeared. I am very grateful to this man, I gained a sense of joy that I did not even think to ever reach.

Valentina, Sunnyvale

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I was involved in a rear-end collision and experienced extreme whiplash and other symptoms related to the accident. My symptoms included headaches, neck strain and stiffness, back pain, and dizziness. I knew that I needed medical attention and turned to the AquaMed Center.

Alla, Rancho Cordova, CA

As a professional at health and wellness, I was looking for European spa and massage treatments in our country. Then I heard about this kind of treatments which had being done in Dessert Hot Springs by AquaMed. I decided to go and check it myself, first of all for myself and then for my clients.

Lyudmila, Portland, OR

My name is Tamara and I came from Seattle. Last year, my daughter was resting, and she invited me, and I came. I am very happy that I came and I'm going to come back.


My name is Eugene and I came here for the first time. When I came here, a sore knee, I was limping. Victor cured and no longer limp. I like it here and I am ready to come here every time. Just like all the procedures, and I recommend to anyone who has a problem, who suffer from various diseases, to come here and cure Victor All!



AquaMed - tries to use an individual approach to each guest. We create the necessary procedures and treatment. The mountain air, mineral water, fitness and much more will make your body healthier

Why Aquamed?

  • We treat back pain, headaches, and arthritis, traumas after car accidents by using different procedures such as hydro therapy, mud therapy, and massage.

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