Baby massage

Perhaps the only kind of massage, which has no contraindications, (except for a fever, inflammation or a serious disease for which a massage is prohibited by a pediatrician), but instead is encouraged is a Baby Massage.

Baby Massage What is it?
All moms know that even a simple rubbing or stroking of a child can be a lot of fun. A children?s smile is able to turn any gloomy day to one filled with sunshine. If we consider that in addition to pleasant emotions, a massage gives us a therapeutic and preventative effect, as well as physical and mental development in children. The Baby Massage is virtually priceless.
Usually the term Baby Massage, which is also referred to as a massage, is preformed in the age period from newborn to a year. Although of course, it can be done at 2 to 3 years of age, which does not bring any harm to the child. On the contrary, such a massage is the basis of a future in a healthy and harmonious development in a child. It is no secret that today the percentage of a completely healthy child is extremely small, which means that Baby Massages are as relevant as ever.
Even the most proud parents of a healthy child will absolutely not refuse a massage. It is a prevention and an assistant in the development of a child, a physical contact between a child and his/her parent. A Baby Massage in treatment of various diseases is a priceless massage.

Baby Massage at an Early Age
It is proven that during the first weeks of a child’s life a baby experiences postpartum stress: if in the mothers womb the baby feels safe, than the outside world seems to be full of anxieties and dangers. In this case, a Baby Massage is the best way to normalize the mental and physical condition of a baby.
Doctors know that an appointed massage for a premature baby helps in the recovery and weight gain of the newborn. These Baby Massages that are appointed with the permission of a pediatrician can be started at the age of 5 to 6 weeks of age for a newborn.
A classic children’s massage involves the same techniques that are used for an adults massage- stroking, kneading and vibration. Naturally the strength and influence should be different than say one that is used to massage a 40-year-old gentleman. A doctor or a nurse can show the parents of a child the simplest massage techniques that are useful, as the parents are in close contact the child.
Sometimes it is needed for a doctor to perform massages on a baby, up to 3 months of age to determine and catch in time the changes in a child?s development. And if there is any suspicion of abnormalities in a child’s nervous system, the Baby Massages should be done under the supervision of a neurologist. Even though your child is healthy it is best not to refuse a massage, for it is an excellent method of prevention in various diseases, including neurological problems.

Baby Massage as a Method of Treatment
At first glance a simple illness such as a cold or cough, worries any parent. It is risky business to give medication to a baby or a child due to the fact that one may not know how the medication will affect the fragile body. But with the help of a massage, many diseases can be prevented and even cured if caught at an early stage. Moreover some of the diseases can only be treated with a massage and gymnastic stretches, not with pills. The most important thing is to in good time consult with a doctor who will determine a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.
A massage can help if your child has been diagnosed with torticollis (abnormal position of the head), flat feet or a clubfoot. If these diseases are not treated, the consequences could be different from diseases of the spine to disruption of the locomotor system. A Baby Massage has also been successful in problems such as intestinal cramps, muscle hypertonicity (of which a high percentage of children suffer) and gipotonus. In addition to gipertonusom other diseases may be hiding behind it, in which it is not easy to diagnose before 6 months of age. Any massage whether it is therapeutic or not helps in the prevention of possible trouble.
Many parents worry, what will I do if by chance it turns out that my child has a hernia?l While on the other hand a parent may not worry at all, hoping that it will resolve on its own. But any interference by the work of the body does not pass without a trace. Meanwhile a massage and exercise can effectively cure a hernia, if the child is not yet a year old. Although if the child is of older age than only in this case an operation will be of assistance.


A Children’s Massage for Scoliosis
Scoliosis ranks first among diseases of the spine, in which a massage takes first place for treatment. A fact remains a fact when at least half of school graduates suffer from this disease in various forms. This is not surprising that the spine in children and adolescents, who have not fully grown, needs constant monitoring due to the load that increases when a person sits. But do many teachers monitor the posture of their students?
Scoliosis may also appear in infancy, when a parent is impatient for their child to learn how to sit or walk. An infant?s spine is not ready for such pressure. In the initial stages of the disease it can be stopped with the help of a Baby Massage and physiotherapy, which are the main means to stopping and fighting scoliosis. Massage techniques in the treatment of scoliosis are different depending on the extent the disease has reached.

Recommendation for Parents
If you have a healthy child, after consultation with a pediatrician you can perform Baby Massages yourself. There is nothing overly complicated in a massages technique, the most simple of them you can read about or ask your doctor to show you how to accomplish one. A children?s massage has a number of different features that are simple to remember. Usually a massage can be done 40 minutes after a meal of half an hour before a meal, every day.
When performing a baby massage it is best not to use cream or powder. Duration of treatment should be no more than 7 to 10 minutes. A baby’s massage should not cause pain or discomfort, so your movements should be tender and light, as the baby’s skin is thin and sensitive. During a baby’s massage monitor the child’s response to your techniques: for there will be those that will bring the child most pleasure. However, if your child needs therapeutical child’s massage, than of course a specialist should only do it, otherwise you may not only help, but on the contrary bring harm to your child.

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