Hydrotherapy Calling the water source of life, we are not given much thought about what is really vital force it possesses. In the meantime, water treatment is considered one of the oldest and safest methods of treatment.  

From time immemorial About the healing power of water has been known since ancient times. For the first time on the water cure was mentioned in II century BC in ancient Indian book of the Rigveda. There are reports that the first water as a therapeutic agent used the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Jews. Thanks to the efforts of Pythagoras in the middle of V century BC, this method has migrated to Greece. There, on the shores of Greece, Hippocrates made it into the present teachings, which later came to Rome. Just how widely in the Roman Empire used the method of treating water, suggest the ruins of the spas, the term and baths, are stored there in large numbers until today. However, during the Middle Ages, this achievement has been unjustly forgotten for several centuries. Again about the healing effect of water began to speak in the second half of VII – first half of the VIII century. After receiving a second birth, a method of hydrotherapy was widely circulated around the world and at the end of XIX century, has become quite famous and popular in almost all countries, and subsequently received a scientific justification and confirmation. Now hydrotherapy is particularly widely used in the resorts. But lately, demand is growing, and in conventional cities – place of residence.

Higher tone! The term “water cure” should be understood hydrotherapy (treatment and prevention of fresh water) and spa treatment (treatment and prevention of mineral waters). Hydrotherapy is based on the mechanical and temperature effects of water on the body and includes procedures such as showers, baths, saunas, douches, wraps, rubdown. The most common and used ones – are well known to us, showers and baths. Everyone knows how invigorating and stimulating effect has a shower. But not everyone thought about his medical and cosmetic effects. Soul is very useful in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system and, moreover, are often used for correction. There are several types of showers – depending on the direction of the jets of water pressure and the effect is achieved.

Full relaxation In contrast to the shower baths soothe and relax. They are divided into aromatic (turpentine, pine and others), minerals (iodine and bromine, hloridonatrievye, etc.), gas (carbon dioxide, “pearl”, oxygen, etc.).

• Aromatic commonly prescribed to patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis), cardiovascular, urological diseases, since they possess anti-inflammatory effect, have a hemodynamic effect.

• Iodine-bromine well help with hypertension, insomnia, stress.

• Dry carbonic useful in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, diseases of the respiratory system.

• Pearl, which is characterized by forcing air through the water under pressure, stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Wiping, pouring and wrapping – not less popular procedure, also promotes relaxation, improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues. In general, they are bracing effect, and also used for cosmetic purposes.

As part of the requirements A few words on common rules for water treatment. Each of them usually lasts 15 minutes. Number of sessions varies from 10 to 15. Of great importance is the temperature of water: the most comfortable and suitable for the treatment of +38 °. However, there are exceptions: the power shower can be cool – about +32 °. The same temperature optimum and dry carbon dioxide baths. Too hot tubs are undesirable because fraught with a heavy load on the body, their temperature may in some cases as high as +42 °, but then the duration of the procedure should be limited to 5-10 minutes. Hydrotherapy can be used in conjunction with physical therapy: for example, iodine-bromine bath and electric sleep (such a scheme is particularly useful in the treatment of hypertension, anti-insomnia, stress).

It is important Unfortunately, there is a water treatment and contraindications: severe disorders of cardiac activity (angina third degree, high blood pressure – 2-3rd stage), mental illness, some skin lesions, cancer, and a tendency to bleeding, exhaustion, anemia. Hydrotherapy can also be dangerous in the second half of pregnancy. The only thing that can be advised for women during this period – sanitary swimming in the pool and water aerobics classes.

Honey Massage Healing properties of honey is very well known since ancient times. Natural honey contains many necessary elements for the human body. With the mineral content here and potassium it improves muscle performance, and calcium needed for strong bones and normal composition of the blood. Iron participates in the formation of blood cells, phosphorus, magnesium, and necessary for bone and blood. In addition, it has also a total unique natural substance that is not contained in other products. Royal jelly has and is a special natural antibiotic that falls into the honeybees directly from the body, and because of this antibiotic acts as degreaser because of its antibacterial properties in which it destroys the carrier of infection. All of these beneficial properties of honey, we many times can increase this by massage. Honey through the skin gives our bodies all its nutrients. Honey massage leads to a dramatic improvement of blood circulation in the deeper layers of skin and muscle, thanks to improved nutrition and not only the skin and internal organs and tissues. Besides honey removes from the body of harmful substances, waste products and toxins, simply absorbing them into itself, taking them away thru our skin. The skin is known to being an organ allocation, at times its though if it were a “gateway” through which the body take out what it does not need to clear this “gate.” You can help the body faster and better by cleaning of the slag, to fight fatigue, and pain, increased activity, leaving the unpleasant sensations of muscles and joints. Even despite the fact that during the massage one will experience some soreness: Honey placed on the body during the procedure dries and thickens. When the masseurs fingers begin to massage hard enough to stick to your body, and thus breaks away some pain for you . However, this pain is quite tolerable and after a massage and sensation of vivacity, and warming up, heat around the body does not yield a sense in which happens after a steam bath with a good birch broom. The stress and the overload immediately are forgotten, and if not – they are replaced the feeling of flying, freshness, and lightness. A condition after such massage skin becomes silky smooth, supple, smooth and wrinkles while the irregularities under the skin seal. Even if with a cold or radiculitis, honey massage is not only useful, but is simply irreplaceable. Honey massage is too great of a luxury? you would think? If you try to do it even once you will like your look and your condition of improvement after such massage it will become one of your favorite and rembered treatments.

Contraindications: allergy to honey.

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I was involved in a rear-end collision and experienced extreme whiplash and other symptoms related to the accident. My symptoms included headaches, neck strain and stiffness, back pain, and dizziness. I knew that I needed medical attention and turned to the AquaMed Center.

Alla, Rancho Cordova, CA

As a professional at health and wellness, I was looking for European spa and massage treatments in our country. Then I heard about this kind of treatments which had being done in Dessert Hot Springs by AquaMed. I decided to go and check it myself, first of all for myself and then for my clients.

Lyudmila, Portland, OR

My name is Tamara and I came from Seattle. Last year, my daughter was resting, and she invited me, and I came. I am very happy that I came and I'm going to come back.


My name is Eugene and I came here for the first time. When I came here, a sore knee, I was limping. Victor cured and no longer limp. I like it here and I am ready to come here every time. Just like all the procedures, and I recommend to anyone who has a problem, who suffer from various diseases, to come here and cure Victor All!



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