Pregnant massage

During a pregnancy, you probably feel anxious awaiting the joys of motherhood. But it is unlikely that you are able to foresee the pain and discomfort that often accompanies such conditions. A massage can relieve an occasional discomfort and ease the childbirth. Many pregnant women experience back pain and pelvic pain, because the body is retaining fluid, resulting in edema. Hence, aching neck muscles due to the fact that one has to sleep on ones side.

To get rid of all these pains one can have a massage done. The sooner a pregnant women begins these massages the better, it is best to have them done 1 to 2 times a week. Some women begin the massages during the earliest stages of pregnancy and that is rightly so: after all the sooner you relax your back muscles, the sooner you will bring your body into balance, helping it endure the hardships of a pregnancy. It is recommended to start the massages at 6 to 8 weeks into the pregnancy and to end 2 weeks before delivery.
The techniques and methods will be modified during all stages of the pregnancy. If at the beginning of the pregnancy a woman can lie on her stomach and the masseur can easily massage her feet, back, and pelvis than at 7 to 8 months of pregnancy a woman cannot lay on her stomach. Instead she is able to lie on her side or more generally sit on a chair. A Pregnancy Massage differs from that of a general massage. A woman should feel free and relaxed, allowing good blood flow. Often during a pregnancy massage a women may feel the urgency to use the bathroom.

A Pregnancy Massage prepares a woman for the pregnancy, giving her the chance to feel, what it means to relax. Accustomed to full relaxation of the body a woman prepares for an easier childbirth. After childbirth it is heartily recommended for a woman to continue massages, in order to rapidly restore the tone of the uterus and to remove pain that has remained after delivery, as well as restoration of former fitness. It is known that sexual activity after 5 to 6 months of delivery is not recommended. Also after childbirth is should take up to 2-3 months to restore bodily functions. On how spouses treat each other during this not so easy period, depends not only on your destiny, but also on the future of your child.

On the possibility of a professional massage in the period of a pregnancy, it should be consulted and recommended by an OBGYN. Typically a massage allows and saves a future mother from experiencing pain in her back and legs. Also it improves blood circulation, reduces stress on joints, relieves fatigue and stress, relaxes you and cheers you up. It is not recommended to refer oneself to a masseur, even if a friend recommends you, but instead one should consult a doctor, due to the fact that a pregnancy massage differs from a general massage. In addition, only a doctor knows your indications and contraindications for a massage. It is well to have foot/heal massages during a pregnancy. For this massage there is no limitations during the pregnancy. After this type of massage it is recommended to soak your feet in water and to relax.

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